About Illinois Rural Water Association

Illinois Rural Water Association was formed to coordinate water and wastewater system programs on a statewide basis.

Illinois Rural Water Association began October 1979. The Association provides training and technical assistance to water and wastewater systems. Illinois Rural Water Association along with forty-nine other State Associations, form what is known as the National Rural Water Association.

The primary goal of Illinois Rural Water Association is professional, efficient operation of water and wastewater systems through education and on-site assistance, working on a one-to-one basis, and addressing problems from the system level.

This goal is reached, in part, by training sessions held periodically throughout the entire state of Illinois, phone communications with the systems, referral to industry members, and/or personal visits to the systems by IRWA staff. The staff works directly with the system operators, managers, board members, and local government officials to provide the necessary materials and problem-solving direction. Their knowledge is gained through research as well as hands-on experience each of them has received while employed in water and wastewater systems, prior to taking their positions with Illinois Rural Water Association.

Illinois Rural Water Association is a non-profit, independent association. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine people associated with water/wastewater systems within the state. Although the Association has an excellent working relationship with the State and Federal Agencies, plus private industry, it is not a regulatory agency, nor do we act as an informant for any regulatory agency.

Illinois Rural Water Association is dedicated to the improvement and development of public and privately owned water and wastewater systems. IRWA is also a registered lobbying organization with the state of Illinois and keeps members informed on Federal and state policy issues.

By becoming a member of Illinois Rural Water Association, and by pooling our resources together, we are better able to answer the needs of water and wastewater systems of Illinois.


Illinois Rural Water Association
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