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We want to help you build your municipal website!

Thinking of having your own website - but don't know where to start? Look no further! Rural Water Impacthelps you easily create a website for your municipality.

* Simple to create
* Template provided
* Customize template to fit your needs
* Free 14 day trial - only pay if you decide to keep it!
* $30.00 monthly


5 Reasons why a website would make your job easier:
1. Better communications with your customers
2. Meeting minutes, agendas, and newsletters could be posted in one place for easy access
3. Post your CCR on the website and reduce paper and mailing costs
4. Post community events
5. Streamline citizen interaction with local government and reduce the burden on your staff

To get started today - call NRWA's Infinity Partner Rural Water Impact/Municipal Impact at 1-888-551-4815!


Current clients of RWI include:

City of Macon

Village of Stonington

Lake Egypt Water District