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operatorSociety of Utility Professionals (S.O.U.P.) consist of Decision Makers, Managers, Water/Wastewater Personnel, Administrative Staff, Students, Supplier Representatives and State Agency Personnel interested in Education Credit Hours renewal management assistance and job listings with systems in the State. S.O.U.P. members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office in the Association.


Mailings of upcoming training sessions

Member prices for conferences and one-on-one training

We will keep a database of all IRWA training sessions you have received throughout the year

A printout of IRWA CEU’s will be mailed out to you on an annual basis

Job referral mailing will be mailed out to each member with a listing of jobs open in the water & wastewater industry from our Voting members

10 % discount on all items in the IRWA store for S.O.U.P. members whose system is a Voting member

Society of Utility Professionals Members

Adams, Russell Duke, Steven J. McElravy, Aaron Shine, Raymond J.

Adrian, Jerry A.

Eads, Garrod McNitt, Josh Simpson, Dane
Allgire, Tim Emrud, Brad

Megurdichian, Michael

Simpson, Joe
Axton, David

Epley, Bryan

Miller, Russell

Skinner, Randy

Bates, Greg

Farrell, Kevin J.

Mischler, Scott

Snyder, Robert

Bauer, Dustin

Findlay, Joe

Mitchell, Wayne

Stabler, Ron

Beard, Robert

Folder, Todd R.

Moore, Dwight L.

Stanley, Jeff

Beebe, Kevin

Forrest, Greg

Moore, Thomas J.

Stauffer, Elmer
Beggs, Kevin Garbs, Gregory R. Mueller, Steve E. Steinacher, David

Benson, Keith

Garkie, Wayne

Musgrave, Perry

Steward, Spencer
Bergman, Frederick Gates, Joe

Nauman, Dennis

Stewart, Trevor
Bevirt, Jeff Gillis, Austin Neece, Donald E. Stickler, Todd

Blackman, Roger

Goans, Rick

Neese, Dustin

Stinemetz, Doug

Bowen, Cory

Goode, Mike

Pahnke, Gene

Summers, Charles

Boyer, Darrin

Graveline, Troy

Palmer, Martin

Swanson, Murner

Bozarth, David

Grivetti, Robert

Palmer, Michael S.

Tackett, Ronald

Broeckling, Lonny

Guenzler, Leslie

Parker, Randy Talley, Stephen
Brown, Bill Guthrie, Paul Pleines, Melvin Thoele, Randy
Bruning, Michelle

Hamilton, Tim

Raisbeck, Scott Thoma, Harold

Buchanan, Don E.

Hardy, Jim Raymond, David

Tumiati, Jeff

Bumgarner, Jeff

Hart, William G.

Reif, Jeff

Tutterow, David

Calvin, Donnie L. Hasara, Tim Renken, Dave

Urbanowski, Greg

Carpenter, Daniel

Hearin, Ricky G.

Rhutasel, Chad E.

Vohs, James M.

Casey, Mike

Heiserman, Colton Rix, Ryan Warner, Joseph

Center, William

Hicks, Sean Roberts, Dale L. Weck, Amy

Chase, Gary

Hoffmann, Matthew

Rubinfeld, Gary S.

Weick, Lewis R.

Claus, Mark Homann, Doug

Ruzicka, Russell

Wendling, Lloyd

Colwell, Rich

Horn, Edwin Schaeffer, Douglas Wheeler, Richard
Cravens, James

Jeffers, Kristine

Scheel, Bryan

Whitehead, Andrew

Daubs, Maurice E.

Kile, Richard

Schoenhard, Lisa D.

Wilson, Nathan
Dehaan, Franklin

Kitson, John

Schroeder, Thomas H. Wilson, Steve

Dixon, James R.

Krikie, Greg Schwartz, Kurtis E. Winslade, Jim
Doellman, Elizabeth

Leffelman, Louie

Scoles, Calvin Winter, Steve

Donahue, John

Lindenmeyer, Rusty

Scoles, Greg

Wirch, Steve

Dotzler, Gary Mace, Doug

Scott-Tutterow, Sarah M.

Woods, James R.
Dreher, Cole Mackey, Michael Shick, Dan Yeager, Steve
Drummond, Daniel Massa, Bob Shields, Bruce Younger, Jonathan


McCart, Loy