Volunteer Request

The only thing certain at this point in time is UNCERTAINTY. To that end, the Illinois Rural Water Association is planning for the worst and will be praying for the best. The current state of response to the COVID-19 virus necessitates that water and wastewater systems, and their personnel, must commit themselves as first responders to the protection of the public’s health. The uninterrupted continuation of water and wastewater service within all communities is vital.

In the very near future, there may be systems, that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 require operational assistance. Accordingly, IRWA is compiling a pool of certified water and wastewater operators who might be available to provide emergency on-site assistance to other systems.

The assistance could require the responder to relocate to the requesting system for up to 14 days. Water systems and the responding operator should be prepared to keep detailed records of their response for reimbursement either through the requesting system or other available funding.

If you are an operator available for this volunteer effort, please click here to sign up. Again, this is a voluntary request and there is no requirement or obligation that you respond if you reply to this request.

This data will be used to gather potential volunteer operators. It will NOT be given out to any other agency. It will be for IRWA's use only.

As it has always been, the safety and security of our membership, staff and all the citizens of Illinois remains our highest priority. Contact the Illinois Rural Water Association direct at 217-287-2115 or ilrwa@ilrwa.org for more information and assistance.