Becoming a
certified Water
operator in Illinois

Becoming a certified
Wastewater operator
in Illinois


Certification Overview


Water University





















are held periodically throughout the entire state of Illinois and are geared to the small rural water and wastewater systems.

If your system has a location that might be used as a training site, please pass the information along to the IRWA office. We want to make our training as accessible as possible for our members. Guest speakers provide information that your operators or decision makers need, at a level of understanding geared to the majority of people. Training is kept informal to provide each participant the opportunity to contribute information or ask questions as the training progresses.

2020 Water Training Session Calendar
(Please note that this is a tentative calendar)

**During COVID-19, all training sessions will be following CDC guidelines.
Social distancing and masks will be required**




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Credit Hours


Tuesdays September 15 – December 8

Advanced Drinking Water Operations Class A & B

Moline   Remote Learning Available
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September 2, 2020

Emerging Contaminants, Water Bourne Pathogens & Risk Assesment/ERP

Oblong 3

Morning session
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September 9, 2020 Emerging Contaminants, Water Bourne Pathogens & Risk Assesment/ERP Tremont 3

Morning session
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