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IRWA Staff Members

Frank Dunmire - Executive Director

Frank has been the Executive Director of IRWA since September 2004.  He has 32 years water and wastewater experience and was an IRWA Board member for 20 years.



Don Craig - Deputy Director

Don has worked within the Rural Water Association for nearly 36 years. Starting as the IRWA Circuit Rider in 1985 for three years, he then went to work for the National Rural Water Association for 21 years. In 2009, he returned to IRWA, as the Deputy Executive Director. Don has over 44 years of experience in Water and Wastewater Systems Management.


Heather McLeod - Membership Services Assistant

Heather has been with IRWA for 19 years. She coordinates all IRWA conferences, as well as maintains the membership and the IRWA website.


Denise Burke - Administrative/Program Assistant

Denise joined the IRWA staff in April 2003. She is responsible for maintaining USEPA and for charge training sessions, National Reporting procedures, the accounting and financial reporting procedures, the TAB and IRWA Water Ways Magazine.


Mark Mitchell - USDA Source Water Protection Technician
Mark joined the IRWA staff in April, 1995. He is responsible for IRWA’s Source Water Protection Program. His duties include providing assistance to water system operations specialists and decision-makers, both in the Council Chambers as well as during on-site visits to their water systems. While Mark can and does provide all types of technical assistance, his main objective is to assist systems with Source Water Protection issues. In addition to these duties, he also serves as an advisor to the four IEPA designated Regional Groundwater Priority Protection Planning Committees as well as the IEPA Groundwater Advisory Committee. Mark is a graduate of the Water University through the National Rural Water Association He holds a Class A public water supply license as well as a Class 4 wastewater operator license and has 35 years in the industry with the last 25 at IRWA in the Wellhead/Sourcewater Protection of one form or another.


Evan Jones - Circuit Rider #1

Evan was hired in the summer of 2013 to fill in for the Source Water program. He moved over to the Circuit Rider position in October 2013, in 2015 wastewater technician for the Northern part half of the state, and in 2017 he was again moved to Circuit Rider for the Northern part of the state. Evan provides communities with on-site technical assistance. He has over ten years experience in the water and wastewater field. Evan grew up working in the private sector drilling wells and pumps and installing septic systems and drain fields for the family business. He then made the change to the municipal side where he has worked at water treatment plants and distribution systems. He has also worked at wastewater treatment plants and their collection systems. Evan has attended NRWA’s Emergency Response training for several years in order to better assist community’s all over the state in an emergency. Evan holds a Class B water Certificate and is currently testing for his Class 2 wastewater and his operator in training for Class A.

RogetrRoger Noe - Circuit Rider #2

Roger Noe, IRWA Circuit Rider #2 joined the staff of IRWA November 2014. Roger covers Southern Illinois and is responsible for assisting communities with on-site technical assistance, leak detection, rate studies, and other issues with daily operation of a water supply. Prior to his employment, Roger worked for the Village of Wayne City for 12 years. Roger was the water superintendent for 3.5 years of the 12. Roger currently holds an Illinois EPA class A water license and a class 4 wastewater license. Roger has obtained his certifications in Utility Management and Utility Finance from Water University. Roger graduated from college with an Associates Agriculture Business. Roger is currently serving as a council member on the village board. Roger resides in Southern Illinois.

Chuck Woodworth - Circuit Rider #3

Chuck joined the IRWA staff in November 1997, as a Groundwater Specialist. Chuck assisted Communities with protecting the water source with Groundwater Protection Plans.  In 2008 Chuck transferred to the Circuit Rider program. Chuck currently holds the position of Circuit Rider #3. Chuck covers 30 Counties in Districts 4, 5 and 6 and is responsible for assisting communities with on-site technical assistance, leak detection, rate studies, operator certification and other functions related to daily operation of a water supply. Previously Chuck was a water operator for 10 years at a 2.5 MGD lime softening groundwater treatment plant. Chuck holds a Class “A” water license and has 30 years experience in the drinking water industry.

Kevin Plate - Circuit Rider #4

Kevin joined the IRWA staff in May 2020 as our 4th Circuit Rider. He is responsible for technical assistance and training. He recently retired from the Village of Astoria.


Clark Cameron - State Circuit Rider

Clark joined our team in August of 2018. He has 18 years in the water and wastewater industry. He assists communities with such activities such as; technical training and compliance issues, capacity development related activities, operator training and certification, identification of unaccounted for water loss and identifying improvements to the overall operation of the public water supply system.


Jeff McCready - Wastewater Technician #1

Jeff joined the ILRWA Staff in April of 2017 and is responsible for technical assistance and training for the northern half of the state. Jeff has over 27 years experience in Public Works serving as the Water and Wastewater Superintendent for the Village of Woodhull. Prior to his employment with IRWA, Jeff served on the IRWA Board of Directors for 6 years. Jeff holds a Class “C” Water license and a Class “4” Wastewater license.


John Bell - Wastewater Technician #2

John joined the IRWA staff in April 2003. He is responsible for providing wastewater on-site technical assistance in the southern half of the state. He holds a Class “A” water license and a Class I Wastewater license and has 49 years experience in the industry.

Brandon Windell - Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider

Brandon was hired in October of 2018 to assist rural and small community water and wastewater utility systems in evaluating their energy needs and power consumption while evaluating the costs associated with their related use.


Dave McMillan - Training Specialist

Dave started with the Association in February 2019. His primary responsibility is to coordinate and establish training sessions for water supply operators. For those not familiar with Dave, he comes to IRWA out of retirement from Illinois EPA. Dave culminated his career with the state in December 2018 after spending over 33 years working with Illinois water supplies. He hopes to continue contributing to the industry by assisting in the continuing education of Illinois’ water supply professionals.