Asset Mapping Services

Through the implementation of GPS & GIS technology, IRWA can effectively produce hard copy and digital maps, to be utilized by system personnel for water and/or wastewater facilities in the state. With this new service available from IRWA, utilities can attain new and accurate maps to better manage their infrastructure assets.

Our mapping technician will work with your system personnel to develop precise maps of your infrastructure. The data collected in the field will show the placement (to within one foot in most cases) of water features such as master meters, main valves, hydrants, tanks, wells, as well as others. This is also true for wastewater systems in locating manholes, lift stations, treatment plants, etc. Additional details on these features can be added when gathering the data, such as line size, date of installation, or manufacturer. Incorporating this kind of data allows you to monitor and evaluate your system at a whole new level.
Payment for services is determined by a charge per each system feature located and mapped, based on the type. These amounts will be discussed with system personnel, and documented before the start of the project.

Download the brochure for more information.

E-mail Don Craig or call him at 217-561-1061 for additional information .