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August 28
Golf Outing
Piper Glen -
is open!


October 13 & 14
Northern Conf.
Rockford - Radisson



February 16-18
Annual Conference



















Illinois Rural Water Association is a non-profit organization of rural water and wastewater systems. We provide training and technical assistance throughout the state of Illinois. Membership is open to all organizations and individuals associated with the water and wastewater industry.





IDPH Plumbing Program - Memorandum Regarding Guidance for Maintaining Water Systems During Reduced Use and Returning Water Systems to Regular Use after Extended Periods of Reduced Use
General Information and links about COVID-19
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Click on the picture for information you will need for the Wastewater CEU's rule

Information you need to know
about KN95 masks

We are gathering a list of potential volunteer operators. The list if for IRWA's use only.
Is your system being affected by PFAS? Follow this link to learn what PFAS are and how to get help if you are affected

All about lead:
Inventory form, Public Notices, Responsibilty info for providers and schools